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It’s lovely what you can get away with when you own the joint. Like write posts whose voice (somewhat formal, snark-free) and content (eggheadish) is pretty much as mismatched to the rest of the site as humanly possible. (Not that I mind seeing clear-headed science content on one of the internet’s most-read blogs. Hell, I’d […]

Yup, I know I’m only the jillionth person to say that, but it’s kind of hard not to once you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Here’s a photo set.

Beautiful. This is one of my best friends from high school.

Well put,’s-resident-curmudgeon.

I love love love love love love love this music video. “Graveyard Girl”, M83. More on why it’s genius.

I can’t hate “muxtape” more. Just looks/sounds fricking gross. Like “bolus.” Or “moist” (when not applied to cake). The site/service is awesome though. Not because I ever plan to make a playlist myself (I haven’t even rotated the contents of my iPod in like 3 years; just don’t care enough), but because now I can […]

Asia is smoking the sh!t out of us in terms of mass broadband availability. (that’s my screencasting ninja, btw)

Complex, cinematically choreographed dance numbers + lowbrow/”trashy”/mundane settings. See: Feist, OK Go, this awesomeness.

Probably not, but it’s frickin’ close. Highlight reel of hack TV reporters meeting all sorts of unforeseen physical humiliation.

Original video of the infamous Milgram experiment is out there in the cloud for all to see, and the NYTimes media critic deems it less than convincing as evidence for Milgram’s claims. Or, to more accurately paraphrase her tone: it’s a frickin’ crock. I don’t know if she’s qualified to make that judgment, but I […]