6 reasons why you’ll never upload your mind into a computer


I wrote a fun new article for DVICE.com that’ll be sure to get the nerds into a tizzy. You’ve heard of The Singularity, right? It’s this idea that at some time in the near future (ie, within decades), computers will become more powerful than our brains. The “bad” version of this is that they start iterating and re-iterating themselves to become smarter and smarter, leave us in the dust, and enslave/kill/use us for batteries. The “good” version is that once computers have more information-processing power than human brains, we can all upload our minds into silicon and live forever, freed of our pesky bodies.

This is a bunch of bull honkey. Here’s why.

Also: they made a really snazzy header image for the article. If you want to see the header image I created and submitted (that got rejected), click through…

Ray Kurzweil, everybody

Too much?

Then again, I did create all the image-mods in the article besides the header, so I must be doing something right.

Also: special thanks to my Twitter-homie/cognitive neuroscientist Mark Changizi, who vetted the brain-science stuff in the article.

2 Responses to “6 reasons why you’ll never upload your mind into a computer”

  1. Indeed. And, as in my case, the transhumorists are going gaga over your article. *snerk*

    Ghost in the Shell: Why Our Brains Will Never Live in the Matrix


  2. Awesome article! My favourite line was “The human brain only needs 20 watts to run the app called You”. I think I’ll find multiple occasions and contexts to use that one! (Hope you don’t mind me stealing it…)

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