using web video to call bullsh*t on “soft sciences”


Original video of the infamous Milgram experiment is out there in the cloud for all to see, and the NYTimes media critic deems it less than convincing as evidence for Milgram’s claims. Or, to more accurately paraphrase her tone: it’s a frickin’ crock.

I don’t know if she’s qualified to make that judgment, but I kind of love that she just hauls off and bitchslaps the so-called “soft sciences” en masse anyway:

I keep thinking that online video will be a boon to social sciences like linguistics and sociology. People will get to see all those wacko subway studies or gender tests for themselves.

Or maybe, contrariwise, it will let us all analyze those non-double-blind social experiments and debunk the soft sciences once and for all.

Ha! I wonder if she’ll get any miffed PhD’s coming at her in the comments.


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