counterfactual comic-bookiness


Just heard about Joss Whedon’s upcoming show “Dollhouse.” I’m not a Buffy fan and didn’t give a rat’s ay about Firefly, but all it took was reading the basic concept for this and I think I’m might finally jump on the Joss train:

Dollhouse is about a group of “Dolls,” or “Actives,” who can be programmed to be anyone and do anything, for paying clients. When they’re not out on a programmed mission, they’re “blank,” amnesiac and childlike in the Dollhouse. The whole shebang is illegal, and the people involved may not be that altruistic.

Freaking rad. And right in my personal sweet spot for pop entertainment: counterfactual (set in a world that closely mirrors ours, but altered in a few key “what if…” ways) and comic-booky (built around a key high-concept that evokes an elaborate mythology/backstory). See also: Battlestar Galactica, Cloverfield, Watchmen/Kingdom Come/Dark Knight Returns, Indiana Jones…

…which kinda makes me think, why aren’t I already a raging Whedon (or for that matter, JJ Abrams) acolyte?


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