tired old-media idea = “new black” in web video


Remember “Jay Walking,” that Tonight Show segment from a million years ago where Leno asks people on the street questions about stuff, and they say stuff, and ain’t it just a got-dang knee-slapper?

Well now the all the cool kids are doing it. On the internets! That means it’s cutting edge. Just ask Virginia Heffernan, who acts like this is some sort of alien, next-level-shit that we might not be able to grok without her help:

“They seem sort of newsy and educational, but in fact they work more like catchy, surprising songs. Each person, inspired by the camera, gives a little show, with melody. And then good editors of these videos find rhymes.”

Ah… NOW I get it! Whew. Now tell me again what Tootsie has to do with YouTube…? Oh right– that made no freaking sense at all.


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