meeting “internet famous”


I went to a li’l web-video networking thingie last night in the East Village. I met two people who are “internet famous”: Sarah Meyers and Bre Pettis.

Sarah is “i.f.” for getting ejected from TechCrunch, pranking with Gawker types, and lifecasting about tech; Bre made videos for MAKE magazine, was on Wired Science, and now works at Etsy.

It was a little bit weird. They’re both normal, friendly and unpretentious, yet they each did have a faint insidery vibe of “I’m kind of a big deal (on the internet)” about them.
Or maybe it was just weird because I’d never heard of either of them before (well, Bre I sort of did), which means I’m therefore totally out of the loop.

Anyway, they were cool (as were the other people I met), the drinks were free, and a good time was had by all.


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