Mocking product in your blog gets you free samples of that product


Ha! I wrote a bemused/slightly dyspeptic post for 60SS about Brawndo (“The Thirst Mutilator” from Idiocracy) being sold in real life. A week later, a flack for the company offered to send me some because of my “excellent” write-up.

I’m gonna accept the offer, of course. Mocking mocketing, or mocketing mocking? We understand each other.

Name: pete hottelet

Email: [redacted]

Subject: John Pavlus blog on Idiocracy/Brawndo

Message: Hi,
I’m writing with regards to John Pavlus’ blog post on the Brawndo
energy drink (it’s got electrolytes!), posted here:

I think his writeup is excellent, and I think he’d really enjoy the
drink that we are producing (and yes, Omni Consumer Products is my
company, and it’s really a real company. All mocketing (or is it
meta-mocketing at this point?) is completely intentional.

I’d like to send him some sample cans, if he’s interested. Please
email back at the email address above, or email


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